AppMo Power Impact Sockets are manufactured in high-quality Swedish spring steel and have a number of features to make tightening easier.

AppMo see their mission as that of filling the gap between the power tool and the threaded fastener and of supplying anything that you might need for this purpose. AppMo design and produce special tools to meet the individual requirements of every single customer.

Power sockets and accessories are the all important link between the power tool and the threaded fastener. When it comes to power driving tools, black power sockets are the only answer. AppMo’s power sockets and accessories will fit both impact wrenches, electric nut runners and hydraulic wrenches. AppMo’s impact sockets and accessories conform to the international standards
ISO 1174-2, 1703, 1711-2, 2725-2 and 2725-3.

The whole manufacturing process takes place under one roof from the cutting of the steel rods to hardening and surface treatment.

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appmo power impact sockets