Dormer HSS A002 Jobber Drill Bits Metric


  • General Purpose Drill – High Speed Steel
  • Titanium Nitride coated for longer life
  • Good self centring capability on a wide range of materials
  • Suitable for both hand and machine use.

Please note that this is just a small snapshot of our range. We have huge stocks and carry many more items than we are able to list online.

If the item you require is not listed, we may still stock it or be able to source it. Please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

SizePriceAdd to Cart
1.0mm (Single)£1.72
1.1mm (Single)£1.94
1.2mm (Single)£1.81
1.3mm (Single)£1.72
1.5mm (Single)£1.30
1.6mm (Single)£1.29
1.7mm (Single)£1.53
1.8mm (Single)£1.49
2.0mm (Single)£1.15
2.1mm (Single)£1.40
2.2mm (Single)£1.39
2.3mm (Single)£1.39
2.4mm (Single)£1.39
2.5mm (Single)£1.14
2.6mm (Single)£1.40
2.8mm (Single)£1.44
2.9mm (Single)£1.22
3.0mm (Single)£1.16
3.1mm (Single)£1.53
3.2mm (Single)£1.50
3.3mm (Single)£1.27
3.5mm (Single)£1.30
3.6mm (Single)£1.65
3.8mm (Single)£1.72
3.9mm (Single)£1.76
4.0mm (Single)£1.46
4.1mm (Single)£1.51
4.2mm (Single)£1.54
4.3mm (Single)£1.92
4.5mm (Single)£1.63
4.6mm (Single)£2.10
4.7mm (Single)£2.14
4.8mm (Single)£2.17
4.9mm (Single)£2.19
5.0mm (Single)£1.86
5.1mm (Single)£2.33
5.2mm (Single)£2.42
5.3mm (Single)£2.49
5.4mm (Single)£2.54
5.5mm (Single)£2.58
5.6mm (Single)£2.70
5.8mm (Single)£2.86
6.0mm (Single)£2.44
6.2mm (Single)£3.19
6.1mm (Single)£3.12
6.3mm (Single)£3.24
6.4mm (Single)£3.39
6.5mm (Single)£2.80
6.7mm (Single)£3.66
6.8mm (Single)£3.03
7.0mm (Single)£3.18
7.1mm (Single)£4.03
7.5mm (Single)£3.65
8.0mm (Single)£4.14
8.1mm (Single)£5.20
8.2mm (Single)£5.29
8.4mm (Single)£5.61
8.5mm (Single)£4.68
9.0mm (Single)£5.24
9.5mm (Single)£5.89
10.0mm (Single)£6.58
10.2mm (Single)£10.04
10.5mm (Single)£7.35
11.0mm (Single)£8.22
11.5mm (Single)£9.04
12.0mm (Single)£10.14
12.5mm (Single)£11.17
13.0mm (Single)£12.34
14.0mm (Single)£21.30