Throughbolts Zinc Plated & Yellow Passivated


A thin walled sleeve anchor suitable for use in most types of concrete or masonry.

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M6 x 45 (Pack of 5)£1.56
M6 x 55 (Pack of 5)£1.72
M6 x 85 (Pack of 5)£1.81
M8 x 50 (Pack of 5)£1.94
M8 x 65 (Pack of 5)£2.13
M8 x 80 (Pack of 5)£2.29
M8 x 100 (Pack of 5)£2.61
M8 x 130 (Pack of 5)£2.69
M10 x 65 (Pack of 5)£2.62
M10 x 75 (Pack of 5)£2.81
M10 x 90 (Pack of 5)£2.87
M10 x 120 (Pack of 5)£3.35
M12 x 80 (Single)£0.80
M12 x 100 (Single)£0.85
M12 x 120 (Single)£1.03
M12 x 140 (Single)£1.05
M12 x 180 (Single)£1.50
M16 x 105 (Single)£1.41
M16 x 125 (Single)£1.74
M16 x 150 (Single)£1.94
M16 x 175 (Single)£2.55
M20 x 130 (Single)£2.82
M20 x 160 (Single)£2.95
M20 x 215 (Single)£3.73
M24 x 180 (Single)£7.09
M24 x 260 (Single)£9.19

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